Wednesday 10 July 2013

Hainanese Delicacy Chicken Rice 海南美味佳肴 @ Far East Plaza, Scott Road

Hainanese Delicacy Chicken Rice @ Far East Plaza

My family visited me in Singapore during the festive season of Christmas and New Year, so this post and the following posts will be the FUNS and FOODS in Singapore. So are you ready to turn the small island over together with me? One of the tourism spot is Orchard Road, the paradise of shopping in Singapore. Orchard Road is one of the must-visit-place during festive season, the street decoration always amazing especially at night. After a short window shopping, we went to look for some local and typical delicacy.

Singapore is always famous with its Hainanese Chicken Rice. Remember the "food fight" between Singaporean and Malaysian? Hainanese chicken rice happens to be one of the subject of the food ownership debate. Anyhow, is my humble opinion that such argument is not so constructive, even Singapore and Malaysia are both famous with Hainanese chicken rice, the tastes are definitely different in certain aspects to suit the local taste bud. I am familiar with Malaysian chicken rice, so I am going to check the Singaporean chicken rice out this time!
Found a restaurant that offers Hainanese delicacy in Far East Plaza, I am not too sure if they offer any other Hainanese delicacies besides chicken rice, but this visit is surely to hunt for their chicken rice. Distinguished from the chicken rice shop in Malaysia that not only offers chicken, but also char siew, roasted pork and etc, chicken rice shop in Singapore is quite loyal and specific to chicken rice only. There are two types of chicken, the steamed chicken and the roasted chicken. 

FYI, the chicken rice in Singapore is normally served with de-boned chicken, for the eater's convenience. So we can maintain our image while eating the chicken, without fighting the fork and spoon just to get rid of the bone. Lol. 
A set of chicken rice  SGD 5
The time control always plays a very essential role in determining the good of steamed chicken, the one we had is not too bad. Even though steamed chicken taste lighter, but the meat is silky smooth and juicy! Season it with a little bit of light soy sauce will be sufficient to make it taste heavenly good.

The roasted version comes with its inviting golden brown outer layer. The skin of roasted chicken is always something I won't miss out, the best part of roasted chicken. Please don't tell me it is fattening (*deaf*). It taste more flavourful as it was marinated with spices before roasted. If you are not looking for the natural taste of chicken, the roasted chicken rice would be a better option. 

The rice itself is very important too, cooked with pandan leaves,ginger and lemongrass, make it super fragrant.

Overall, their chicken rice is not too bad and deserve its position as one of the best food in Singapore. As compared to other delicacies e.g Bak Kut Teh, the taste of chicken rice in Singapore is quite close to our taste, so if you are not so adventurous during your tour in Singapore, chicken rice will always be the secured choice.

Address : Hainanese Delicacy 海南美味佳肴
Hainanese Specialist Boneless Chicken Rice
14, Scotts Road , Far East Plaza #05-116

Tel: 6734 0639
Bussiness Hour :  Mondays - Wednesdays  12 noon to 8pm
Thursdays  11am to 2pm; and 7pm to 9pm
Fridays 11am to 8pm


  1. Looks delicious. Have to ask my friend to bring me on my next trip to Singapore.

    1. @TZ definitely a must try chicken rice in Singapore.. Bare with the long queue also..