Tuesday 23 April 2013

Mei Heong Yuen Dessert 味香园 @ Temple Street, Chinatown, Singapore

Mei Heong Yuen Dessert 味香园 @ Temple Street, Chinatown, Singapore

One of the raining day when we finish our dinner, we decided to have another round of dessert to end our day. After finish our dinner, we take a short tour around Chinatown. Supposedly, we planned to visit a dessert stall located at the roadside, but it was too crowded and got no seats for us to squeeze in. Alternatively, this shop which offering traditional dessert attracts our attention from far. 
According to some write-up, this dessert shop is quite famous with their snowice. Read on the history, the dessert shop already stands at the same place for more than 10 years with continuous good business, even during the age that the market is taken over by Taiwanese and Hong Kong styled dessert. Their reputation can be proven by the unstopped customer flow and the three linked shoplots. Have a look on their menu and   I am happy that we were pampered with choices! Since we have few people, we decided to order different flavours and to see which is the best.
Mango Snow Ice 芒果雪花冰  $5
The ice itself is made from mango juice, and it is showered with mango syrup and served with fresh mango cubes, it is so mangolicious! The unique fragrance of mango always makes it a public lover and popular dessert. I always like the smooth texture of snow ice, the feeling of melting in mouth immediately is hard to described by words.
Soursop Snow Ice 红毛榴莲雪花冰  $5
Another local fruit selection, soursop with sweet and sour taste provides a very refreshing flavour. One of the reason Mei Heong Yuen can stand firm is that the ingredients they use are very pure and natural! soursop puree is added in the dessert, where you can still see the seeds at the bottom.
Durian Snow Ice 榴莲雪花冰  $5
Durian Snow Ice is a bad attempt anyway, the durian simply did not mingle well with the ice, and so the ice is quite tasteless, or it is specially made for foreigner's taste bud?
Almond & Sesame 杏仁芝麻雪花冰  $6
An interesting combination of black and white. Hot sesame paste and almond paste are not unique to us, how about the taste in cold? It was not that creamy as I thought, but I like the slight fragrance from almond and sesame. The almond flakes sprinkled on it adds a layer of crunchy texture to it.
Chocolate Snow Ice 巧克力雪花冰  $5
Chocolate flavoured is a very normal and public choice, but hard to make it outstanding. Yeah, we know kids like chocolate to match with marshmallow, the presentation make it so tempting. But just as I said, the compliment stopped on the presentation, taste is just on average, nothing much to shout with.
Sesame Snow Ice  芝麻雪花冰  $5
I still prefer this sesame snow ice, with strong sesame taste and at the same time very smooth in texture. Red beans on the four corners play a role too in perfect this dessert. Fabulous!

Although not every dessert suit my tastebud, but I still think Mei Heong Yuen deserve its reputation. Unlike many franchised dessert shop which use artificial and chemical flavouring, they still using pure and natural ingredients to perfect the dessert, delicious without compromising customer's health.

Address : Mei Heong Yuen Dessert 味香园
67, Temple Street, Singapore 058611
(Chinatown MRT)
GPS : N01 16.996'  E103 50.613'

Business Hour : 10.30am to 10pm daily
Tel : 6221 1156

Other Branch at Ion Orchard Unit B4 – 34
Tel: 6509 3301
(Orchard MRT)

New outlet opening at Chinatown Point soon

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