Tuesday 12 March 2013

Wufu Chok Dee Thai Restaurant 五福泰国餐厅 @ Batu Pahat ,Johor

Wufu Chok Dee Thai Restaurant 五福泰国餐厅 @ Batu Pahat, Johor

Whenever I have my holiday, I will explore to other place nearby to me. Today, I got my chance hunt down to Batu Pahat, where a place is kinda famous with their early industrial township planning. I have done a quick search on Batu Pahat good foods. Wufu Chok Dee Thai Restaurant is one on my list for dinner. By the big words on the billboard, no doubt that  Wu Fu is famous and established with Thai food. 
It was still early when I reached the restaurant, it is not so crowded at that moment, make me feel adventurous to try on their foods. But immediately after we placed our order, the restaurant started to be crowded by families who come for dinner.
Besides that, I also impress with their quick services and response with customer complaint. Alternatively, they will also inform you which dishes are running out of ingredient and recommend other dish to replace the previous order. This action is very caring and thoughtful for those who wish to eat some special dish. I like this way.
Tom Yum Seafood 海鲜东炎  RM18
On a cold rainy day, one of the must is Tom Yum Soup. The spicyness and sourness are just appropriate and acceptable to me. I like their way in doing business, really generous in putting ingredients, and really worthy and deserve the price. The big cold styled steamboat contains big fresh prawn, squids, grouper ,mushrooms as well. It goes super good with rice. This menu quite a price-wise here.
BBQ Pork 烧烤五花肉  RM12.50
The other dish highly recommended by me is this BBQ Pork Belly. It simply looks attractive to me. The marinade of this pork belly playa an important role indeed, make it flavourful. And not too surprise, the pork belly still remains tender and juicy. The sweet sour Thai sauce turns the pork belly into another good flavour, very appetizing, can't help myself from reaching for more. And since the restaurant offers beers, this is one of the best and favourite snack food to pair with beer.  
Pineapple Fried Rice  黄梨炒饭  RM12
Not to forget a portion of carbohydrate, we order this Pineapple Fried Rice. The waitress told us this is two-person-portion, but it definitely not. Three of us can hardly finish the rice. Very satisfied. One of the reason I like Thai fried rice is that it comes with pineapple, not only provides some aroma of fruit, but also adds some natural taste of sweet and sour to the rice itself.
Green Curry Chicken 青咖哩鸡  RM11
Initially, we ordered for Pandan Leave fried chicken, but the kind waitress told us that the dish was sold out and we decide to replace with another chicken dish. Green curry becomes our choice. Not to disappoint us, the green curry comes with various ingredients, the coconut milk makes the curry gravy thick and aromatic. This is served in a not too big portion, but is enough to satisfy us.

At the conclusion, this is one of the highly recommended Thai restaurant at Batu Pahat. The overall only cost me roughly RM60 (3 persons with drinks). Next time I will probably come here again. If possible, I will also come for their famous seafood. I heard that their seafood are quite famous with affordable price too.

Address : Wufu Chok Dee Thai Restaurant 
56-57, Jalan Timah Sari, 
Kg Kenangan Dato Onn 1, 
83000 Batu Pahat ,Johor
GPS : N01 51.571'  E102 56.462'

Business Hour :  Mon -Sun  5pm -1am
Tel : 07-438 3293


  1. For a moment I thought it sounded like the card game Tai Jor Dee:P

  2. You can also try the curry laksa at Taman Bukit Perdana run by a husband and wife team in the corner coffeeshop Yuen Zhi Wei. One of the three best in town.The best thing is it still cost only rm3.oo normal bowl.