Tuesday 26 March 2013

Restaurant Leong Seng Huat 两成发茶餐室 @ Taman Perling, Skudai

Restaurant Leong Seng Huat 两成发茶餐室 @ Taman Perling, Skudai

I am born in Penang, a paradise of food. Being a Penang Kia, I am always proud with those delicious food in Penang, Beside the cultural heritage elements, good food with affordable price is always one of the attractions of tourist. But the distance between Singapore and Penang put a barrier for me to reach the good and nostalgic taste of Penang.

How to cure my yearn to Penang Food while staying 700KM apart from my lovely hometown? Last weekend, I get to know that there are two Kopitiams in Taman Perling, Skudai which are quite established with authentic Penang-ian all time favourite food such as Prawn noodles, Curry Mee, Fried Kuey Teow and Loh Mee. 
The first restaurant I visited is Leong Seng Huat. It was still quite packed with people when I arrived there around 3pm. There are few stalls in the shop, the one who occupied the front part is selling Loh Mee and Prawn noodles, there are a char kuey teow stall and Penang Kuey Teow Soup stall when you walk further into the shop. The business of the Prawn Noodles and Loh Mee stall was just too good on the day, it was sold out when I reached. Alternatively, I order for Char Kuey Teow and Johor Mee Hun Kueh for my Johorean girlfriend. Lol, combination of north and south.
Mi Hun Kueh 面粉粿  RM4
Sorry to introduce this Mi Hun Kueh first despite my intention of this post is Penang Food in Johor Bahru. Haha. Mi Hun Kueh is one of the all time favourite for most of the Johorean, it is called as Pan Mee in other parts of Malaysia. The slight difference is that Johorean likes to eat it in hand-tear pieces, but KL people prefer to eat it in long flat shapes. A bowl of authentic Johor Style Mee Hun Kueh cannot lack of fried anchovies (ikan bilis) on the top, some marinated lean meat and also the vegetable called "pucuk manis" (many people mistook the vegetable as sweet potatoes leaves where in fact it is not). This bowl of mee hun kueh according to the Johorean taste bud, is not the best one. So where is the best one? I will find it out and let you know.
Penang Style Char Kuey Teow
槟城炒粿条  RM4 (S)  RM5 (L)
I cannot remember how long ago I had my last Fried Kuey Teow. I ordered my Penang Char Kuey Teow and request the owner to add cockles for me with extra RM1.00, because I forgot Penang Style Char Kuey Teow already contains cockles. I am not sure is the menu itself misleading or I am too silly. Anyway, the char kuey teow is quite good and impressed. Even though it still cannot replace the original taste in my memory lane, it is still considered as a nice one with its "wok hei",  that's why they have such nice word of mouth everywhere.
My victory during second visit to the restaurant!
Hokkien Prawn Noodles 福建虾面  RM4 
The failure in seeking the prawn noodles and loh mee last week does not dampen my enthusiasm, I went down on the following weekend to try their famous Prawn Noodles and Loh Mee. Glad that I still manage to get this nice Prawn noodles at southern part of Johor. The soup although looks clear and not so thick, but is boiled with prawn head and pork bone, make it naturally sweet with the ingredients. Lean meat, boiled egg, prawn and shallot, make it more or less like a Penang Hokkien Mee, but can you spot what is lacking? They didn't put kangkung which is quite significant to a authentic Hokkien Mee.
Loh Mee  卤面  RM4
Another Loh Mee is my long waiting food, a big bowl of noodles in flavourful, smooth and thick broth, top with fish cake, meat and shallot, the ingredients are not too much different from prawn mee. Looks so tempting when the broth clings on every single noodles. A good choice during rainny day, simply warm my stomach.

Yeah, I am finally done with this restaurant's Penang food, I will hunt down the next one in the short future. Let's us compare which is better~

Address : Restaurant Leong Seng Huat 
169, Jalan Simbang, 
Taman Perling
81200 Johor Bahru
GPS : N01 29.012'  E103 40.845'

Bussiness Hour : 7.00am to 3.30pm

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