Monday 26 November 2012

Skudai Duck Noodles & Rice Restaurant 士古来鸭肉 @ Skudai, JB

Skudai Duck Noodles & Rice Restaurant 士古来鸭肉 @ Skudai, JB

For the sake of preparing documents for job application in Singapore, I was staying in Johor Bahru for few days. One night, the famous Skudai duck was on one of the Singapore TV show and it attracted me as the restaurant is just 30 minutes drive-away. Thus we were heading to the famous Skudai duck on the weekend.

The chef was cutting the duck! According to the interview done by the TV show, the pot for braising the duck has not yet been changed and washed for years since they operated decades ago. People always says that by doing that all the essence and good things remain in the pot for many years!Let me try their duck first and tell you whether it is true later lar~
It was still very packed and crowded even we reached there post lunch hour. Perhaps it is the impact of TV show? But we were lucky enough to grab a table once we reached! However, we had to wait and starve about half an hour before our meal being served. The weird part was everyone were also sitting quietly and patiently for the famous braised duck. Good things are worth to be waited?
Finally our turn! They serve plenty of side dishes: braised beancurd and egg, mustard, pig cheek and intestine. The portion shown above is well to feed 8 people. 
Mustard 芥菜
RM3 ++
Instead of using pickled vegetables like many other braised duck shops do, the Skudai Duck Restaurant opted to use the green and fresh mustard without marinade and braise it with the flavourful duck gravy. So the texture is also different from what we normally had, the stem of mustard still remains its crunch and allow us to have little bitter taste from the vegetable itself.
Braised Taufu and Egg  豆腐卤蛋
RM0.70 per piece
Their braised taufu and egg are done well too after long hours in the braising gravy, fully absorbed the essence, the gravy was flowing out from the beancurd in my mouth!
Pig Cheek 猪头皮  RM4 ++
Pig Intestine  猪大肠  RM5 ++
My all time favourite of pig intestine, it is a must when I went for braised duck. The boss slices it into very thin pieces, but I prefer it to be in bigger chunk to have more biting texture. The pig cheek was surprising me, it was extremely crunchy with some soft bones, very good to munch on!
Famous  Braised Duck  卤鸭
RM21 (Half)  RM40 (Whole)
The main role of the meal! The boss makes himself special by debone, cutting and slicing the braised duck instead of "chopping" it. So it is more convenient to consume and pretty ladies can keep their image while having the succulent braised duck. Despite the light colour, the duck was extremely flavourful (Perhaps the impact of unchanged pot?) and goes well with a bowl of white fragrant steamed rice.
Besides, duck soup will be served along the meal. Overall, I think the restaurant deserves the reputation for its braised duck! The service was quite good too, but the speed of serving should be improved, it is torturing to wait for long times while the fragrance of braise duck keeps going out from the kitchen to seduce me.

Address : 士古来鸭肉
 Skudai Duck Noodles & Rice Restaurant 
29, Jalan Emas Putih Dua,
Taman Sri Skudai,
81300 Johor Bahru, Johor
GPS : N01 32.797'  E103 39.399'

Business Hour : 11am - 9pm
Closed on Tuesday
Tel : 07 - 5563170 / 012 - 7725508

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  1. wah lau delicious leh everything. I love ducks

    1. @small and is cheap too.. keke...

  2. wowzers...i was quite filled from my dinner. but this post is making me hungry again!

  3. is this shop still operating?