Thursday 8 November 2012

Race for Health, Race for LIFE!

Malaysians aged 18-62 embrace healthy lifestylesthrough
AXA AFFIN Health for LIFE AXN Big Challenge

With the mission to raise Malaysians’ awareness on the importance of healthy living, the AXA AFFIN Health for LIFE AXN Big Challenge which was held recentlysuccessfully attracted 1,438 health fanatic individuals aged between 18-62, to test both their physical& mentalfitness whilst incorporating nutritionalknowledge in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Event venues spanned across three cities in Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur (Paradigm Mall, 6 October 2012), Johor Bahru (KSL City Mall, 13 October 2012) and Penang (Straits Quay Mall, 27 October 2012), with enthusiastic contestants raring to find out what AXA AFFIN Health for LIFE AXN Big Challenge had to offer. For the male category, the Johor Bahru’s top two winners and KL’s top winnerclocked the fastest timing to complete all the obstacle courses, setting the record at 1:46:16, 1:54:44 and 1:54:53 respectively. While the top three fastest timings for female category wererecorded by both KL and Johor Bahru’s1stprize winners, and KL’s 2nd prize winner at 2:58:45, 3:00:84 and 3:31:70respectively.

With different aspirations and backgrounds, the high-spirited challengers marched to the AXA AFFIN Health for LIFE AXN Big Challenge for one goal --- to conquer the challenge and to be crowned as the ultimate winners! In pursuit of a challenge, as well as a healthy lifestyle, these fearless challengers battled it out to complete the obstacle courses with great tenacity, stamina and fighting spirit which truly reflected the theme for the year - ‘Health for LIFE’. For KL’s 1stprize female winner Sarah Gayle Lee, both ‘Health’ and ‘Life’ are intimately interdependent as one need to be healthy to be able to live. “Live a healthy life and be happy, this is how I see Health for LIFE,”added the cheerful 25 year-old.For the 35 year-old KL’s 3rd prize winner Idzafar Omar, ‘Health for LIFE’ meant to live happily free from illness. “Take good care of yourself by having a balance diet and regular exercise.”

A total of RM84,000 in cash were given away over the course of the challenge in three (3) states – the 1st Prize of RM8,000; 2nd Prize – RM4,000 and 3rd Prize – RM2,000. Proving that Health conquers all, Khairul Hafiz Bin Abu Hassan and Sarah Gayle Lee (KL); Abdul Qayum Bin Abd Jalani and Lim Pei Shan (Johor Bahru); Muhammad Irwan Yusuf Bin Abdullah and Wann Iryani Bt Arifin (Penang) successfully walked away with RM8,000 as the 1st prize winners for their respective gender categories.

The 1st prize winner of Johor Bahru's female category, Lim Pei Shan commented that the Final Challenge was the toughest part for her as it drained most of her energy. “The other obstacle courses could be dealt with having a strong sense of balance, coordination and stamina; whereas the net climbing part on the Final Challenge required a lot of strength and power, where only through determination and willpower brought me to victory.”

The 21-year-old climbing enthusiast encouraged more youngsters to participate actively in physical activities such as the AXA AFFIN AXN Big Challenge as it helps to build self-confidence and keep one’s physical and mental fitness in check. “When you look at the courses, you feel that it is impossible and difficult, but once you accomplish it, you’ll really proud of yourself because you did it on your own, something only you can do,” Pei Shan added.

A lover of obstacles races, the 1st prize male winner of KL Big Challenge, Khairul Hafiz Bin Abu Hassan was also the 2nd runner-up of last year’s AXA AFFIN AXN Big Challenge. 26 year-old Khairul went all out to test his tenacity and how far he could go this year. “I came today with the eagerness to win some prizes; I didn’t expect that I could win the first prize as there were so many other awesome and physically fit competitors.” He shared that the tyre dashing course was the most challenging part for him as it really tested him on his agility. “This is a memorable experience and I am looking forward for what is in store in the nextAXN Big Challenge!”

62 year-old Penang’s participant Lim Eng Hoe is the most senior participant of the year. Though he is unable to make it to the Final Challenge, sports enthusiast Lim is satisfied with his overall performance. “Exercise is part of my regime besides a healthy and controlled diet.” Lim’s usual exercise regime includes treadmill, weight lifting and cycling.“I carried on with my normal daily exercises as part of the preparation for the event,” said Lim.

In addition to the adrenaline pumping challenges, free health checks were also conductedthroughout the event to help promote the importance of healthy living among the visitors. AXA AFFIN Life Insurance consultants were available to provide financial medical planning advice to visitors while some visitors had funin the game booths set up by AXN.

The event was a partnership between AXA AFFIN Life Insurance and AXN following the successfuldebut of the 2011 AXA AFFIN AXN Big Challenge. The event came back with even bolder innovations this year by offeringan open challenge for males and females to compete within their own gender groups; the active engagement in social media tools for contestants and fans to share the fun in real time and also chances to win exciting prizes during the challenge when updating tweets with the hashtag #AXAAXNBIGCHALLENGE. Check out the AXN Facebook page ( to catch our health and sports enthusiasts in action!

2012 AXA AFFIN Health for LIFE AXN Big Challenge Winners’ Details




Kuala Lumpur

1st Prize

Khairul Hafiz Bin Abu Hassan

Sarah Gayle Lee
2nd Prize

Mohd Ridzuan Bin Roslan

Joyce Young Wei Leng

3rd Prize

Idzafar Omar

Tham Pei Ting

Johor Bharu

1st Prize

Abdul Qayum Bin Abd Jalani

Lim Pei Shan

2nd Prize

Fajan Bin Satya

Zoe Lim ShuWei

3rd Prize

Muhammad Anuar Bin
Mohd Zabidi

Nuridah Bt Mohamed
1st Prize
Muhammad Irwan Yusuf Bin Abdullah
Wann Iryani Bt Arifin
2nd Prize
MuhamadFuat Bin Abd Rani
Tang Khai Shing
3rd Prize
Noel Emmanuel Yung Shen Yu
Tay Huey Teng

JB’s 2nd prize winner Fajan Bin Satya shared his joy with his beloved daughter.
 Mr Loke Kah Meng (left), CEO of AXA AFFIN Life Insurance and Mr Lawrence Ng (right), Channel Advertising Sales Director of SPE Networks-Asia presented the mock cheque to KL’s 1st prize female winner - Sarah Gayle Lee.
 Mr Loke Kah Meng (left), CEO of AXA AFFIN Life Insurance and Mr Lawrence Ng (right), Channel Advertising Sales Director of SPE Networks-Asia presented the mock cheque to KL’s 1st prize male winner - Khairul Hafiz.
Never Give Up!
Final female contestant for the main challenge in KL with 'never give up' attitude! 
Khairul Hafiz (KL’s 1st prize winner) conquered the final challenge. 
(L-R) Idzafar Omar, Mohd Ridzuan, Khairul Hafiz, Sarah Gayle Lee, Joyce Young and Tham Pei Ting
High Spirit, Great Tenacity
(Penang) 62 year-old Sports enthusiast Lim EngHoe wowed the crowd with his great tenacity to complete all the obstacle courses.

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