Sunday 9 September 2012

The Yogitree @ The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City, KL

The Yogitree @ The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City

Once in awhile, I get myself to have a Hi-Tea at this well known classy restaurant, The Yogitree, The Garden Mall. Other than well-known, they served fresh, natural and largely organic fare. Majority of the food found here are with no chemicals, additives, enhancers, colouring and preservatives sign. 

 Comfortable dining ambiance with wooden furniture

All the cake are sealed and secured in a fridge!
2 Cups of Tea
Grab my two sips of tea. Immediately I get myself love on their tea. The tea has very mild aromatic on Jasmine, not the ordinary tea which can be found at other restaurant. For me, drink it without added brown sugar is good enough.  
 Raisin Scones
Come first with 2 raisin scones and macaroons each. The macaroons are not as sweet as I thought. The sweetness is on average level. The add of honey bring it to another enjoyment of macaroons art. Slightly complain on the raisin scones, I don't like the texture. it is too compact to consume. I prefer it to be more puffy. 
(1) Pesto Chicken Bruschetta
(2) Grilled Vegetables Caramelized Onion Bruschetta 
They really put some effort to make their Bruschetta finely. Every single ingredients are to be ready separately to avoid mixed flavor. Beside that, they are very particular about the presentation of Bruschetta. Thumbs up.  
Pineapple Upside Down Cake  RM15+
Served warm with Home Made Vanilla Ice Cream & Pineapple Compote

Lastly, I'm done with slices of pineapple cake. I do recommend to try their pineapple cake, It taste really good with a cut of pineapple. Mentioning on their Vanilla Ice Cream, It is smooth and match perfectly eat with pineapple cake. I am very satisfied with this hi-tea. 

Address : The Yogitree
Lot F-237B, 1st Floor, 
The Gardens Mid Valley, Mid Valley City, 
Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur,

Business Hour : 10am - 10pm Daily
Tel03-2282 6163
Website : The Yogitree

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  1. Yum Yum! =)
    Btw, they are macarons. Macaroons are very much different frm macarons. =)

    1. @mabel Their macaron is nice, just not much coloring found, because they target on original taste!

  2. haha, macarons looks like mini burger weyy!! =P

    1. @xueren Haha.. Thanks god is not taste like mini burger..

  3. I'm not really a fan of sweet stuff, but I think the bruschetta is quite a good deal. Will give this a try whenever I'm in MV next time. =D

  4. Yummy and healthyfood. One of my fave teatime spots in Gardens:D

    1. @missyblurkit I found the ambiance there quite good..

  5. The Bruschettas look great!

    How much would it be?

    1. @cherly For the whole set, is about RM20+.. keke..

  6. Heard that they serve healthy food but have yet paythem a visit, blame that there are toooo many restaurant in that mall!

    1. @choiyen Haha.. if wan go visit this restaurant on weekend, rmb RSVP to avoid disappointment!

  7. Good time for a dessert!