Tuesday 17 July 2012

Home Cooked Cheesy Pork Chop

Home Cooked Cheesy Pork Chop

On a Sunday afternoon, I was craving for Hainanese pork chop. Went to Tesco to buy the ingredients without bringing shopping list and forgot to buy the main ingredients for Hainanese pork chop- the mixed vegetables combined by corns, carrots and green peas. So, I can only utilize those ingredients I bought to make a cheesy pork chop. lol.

(For 2 person portion)
Ingredients : 
1) 360g of pork shoulder arm
2) 2 small potatoes
3) 2 hotdogs
4) 2 eggs
2) 2 slices of cheese

1) 1 teaspoon of salt
2) 1 teaspoon of pepper
3) 1 spoon of corn flour

1) 2 spoon of oyster sauce
2) 1 spoon of soy sauce
3) 1/2 teaspoon of salt
4) little bit of pepper
5) some chopped garlic
6) 1 spoon of corn flour, mixed with one little bowl of water
6) 300ml filtered water

Cooking Method  
Marinate the meat with salt, pepper, and corn flour for at least 45 minutes.
 Heat up some cooking oil in the pan and put in the meat carefully.
Turn the meat when it becomes golden in colour. Fry the meat for at least 15 minutes depends on the thickness of meat.
In the meanwhile, steam the potatoes using rice cooker for 20 minutes.Fry eggs and hot dogs.Cook the gravy by saute the chopped garlic, pour in water and add in the seasoning as mentioned above. Finally, pour in the corn flour gravy.
Place the meat, hot-dog, egg and potatoes nicely on the plate. Cover the meat with cheese while it is still hot. Served it with a glass of Sunkist orange juice.

Anyone here can guess how much I actually spent for this meal?

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  1. looks yummy and easy to prepare! :)

  2. Very cheesy porkchop! :9

  3. I dunno how much the pork shoulder costs you but I know the sausage and egg is not expensive. It's way cheaper to have this at home than having them out side lah for sure :D

    1. @merryn All ingredients are very cheap one, Save cost for me!

  4. U cook too? Well, I'm impressed! Well done :) Love Pork Chop + Cheese!

  5. This pork chops are so thick, very difficult to cook it well right? I think it could be better if the thickness is thinner..

    1. @choiyen Ya slightly thick and abit hard to cook well.. next time will look properly before purchase.. lol