Monday 22 November 2010

Meng Kee Steam Soup @ Taman Paramount , PJ

Meng Kee Steam soup 洺记老火炖汤
Taman Paramount , PJ

This stall had business since 1960, now is their third generation to continue this legend.
there is almost every night full house, if you come late for sure has to wait for couple minutes.
The most selling is their steam soup, everyone come here to have their own recipe
steam soup as home-cooked soup. Every night this soup are sold out. So, be early.
Pepper Pig Stomach Soup
Yellow Cucumber with pork ribs soup
Steamed Chicken
Steam Salted Fish Minced Meat
Price : RM29.50 (in my budget estimation)

Address : No 9 , Jalan 20/16 ,
Paramount Garden,
Petaling Jaya
(located just adjacent to taman paramount post office)
GPS :  N03 06.463 E101 37.453
Contact : 012-2390623 (BOY)
Email :
Bussiness Hours : 6pm till 9pm ++

Tips : come early before 7pm if you want have soup.
if you plan come late, steam soup reserved is accepted.


  1. yup...have been there before. Great place for makan for those singles and those working adults who dont have time to cook soup at home

  2. @smallkucing me also..nobody cook for there to eat..

  3. Very homely feel to the soup looking at the picture.

  4. when ther b4,abit expensive

  5. @quirky illusion for other made they dinner at home..

    @cloudfly erm, ya i think so too.. the pricing is cheap. but if you order many dish also come out with the same price eating other place. or else just drink soup then should be ok.