Thursday 4 November 2010

Escaping From KL @ Genting Highlands

Somehow a day, I getting a free treat to Genting from my friends.
Is sound lame of taking whole bunch free voucher up to hills there to claim its.
And this trip is totally free from gambling purpose only for food displaying. 
So it is general post suitable for everyone.hahaz.
Many people said that go genting for what beside gambling?
Let me show how to survive without gambling..EAT and Eat
Shareholder voucher
 Fine, until now just discover out my friends is one of the shareholder of Resort world.
He was gave me his privilege to enjoy a free First World Hotel Deluxe room one night
Sound cool to be shareholder of Resort World.

Booking and information :Resort World
Coffee Terrace @ Genting Hotel, Lobby
Pricing : click here

This restaurant is one of my favorite dining place at Genting. 
nice food, nice enviroment , nice services, everything go nice when inside
Since, this time i get 30% discount voucher to reduce vocation budget.
Great Deal
Now come toward the food display for my dinner



Breakfast in the morning
First World Cafe
Two breakfast is complimentary for one room. So, it is time for me to eat again.
 this breakfast is so so only. Dunno isn't is complimentary meal so that quality is reduce?
I just like Coffee Terrance buffet dinner..hahazz

Next, go on Karaoke session
 Official pricing list click here

The rate here is cheaper compare to other place. So, i choose here for my lunch
and had my K-session.

So, this is end my Genting visit. Full with food now..wakaka..

My last visit on January 2010


  1. You really pandai cari makan...we go there always end up at McD or KFC. :(

  2. @smallkucing haha..just eat what i think i want to eat ar..think of eat special repeat the better..hahazzz

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