Wednesday 18 November 2009

Kim Chi Haru @ Jaya One

KimChiHaru , a tropical Traditional Korean Food Restaurant which located at
Jaya One
, PJ
this restaurant place nearby staircase which near to "Fireman"
very significant place from outside area

First and foremost ,is an hot Korean Green Tea on my table
i like this tea > sesame taste
#tat day rainy heavily weather damn cold , drink hot tea..really feel warm #

next on to appetizer
salad and another is Korean Salad ( KimCHI)
#i prefer on salad , that sauce rely nice which i cant find other place or store#
can i ask where can buy one for it?

Korean Seafood Fried Rice

#moderate spicy#

Korean beef meal


End bill :RM37.60

remark : at here can listen to Korean song drink korean beer.
it really feel like home for them

IMPORTANT !!! here have student promotion price
( but i din grab it coz of din notice before payment)


  1. Be careful when consuming the free salad. I went to KimchiHaru two nights ago and since that night, I've been suffering such bad food poisoning that I'm now having to run to the bathroom at 15-minute intervals and my stomach is churning all day - this is after a whole day of medication. When I initially ate the salad, the dressing tasted a little off but I assumed it was the way it was supposed to taste. Even had a second round of salad. And now I'm still paying for it because my doctor's fees so far have exceeded what I paid at the restaurant! The food at KimchiHaru wasn't even good - you'll get far better Korean food from Dae Jang Gum in Section 14, PJ, which is run by a Korean couple. And I can tell you that I've NEVER gotten sick after dining at Dae Jang Gum!

  2. @tracy wah...juz a nice advise to me..ya..will go section 14 try a bit..d...hehe