Wednesday 25 November 2009


Shell and Bonuslink

Blue instruction box

# too nonsense d #

Vacuum Thermo Flask

# haha , very rare white colour d thermo flask #
still left 1434 redeemed points

yesterday evening , i go search on Bonuslink website for redeem any gift
just for fun
all I see is it need more then 5000 point to redeem a single gift (walau....dun hv la)
but after look thru on it , just wonder have any promotion Redeem-on-the-spot programme
running on major Shell Petrol station.
which ever use less redeem point to get a gift and can get award after that
I straight "fly" to nearby shell petrol station to discover it out
Finally , i have my Vacuum Thermo Flask in hand with 2200 Points on it

remark : have been Bonuslink member for 2 and more year , i just redeem twice before.
had any promotion can redeem more gift using less point
or earning more point getting more gift, which ever?

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