Friday 9 October 2009

2012 @ Cathay Cineplex , e Curve

Now showing

2012 movie coming soon to this unsafely world again,
after Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow.
and SONY again offer a mini contest for premiere screening of 2012 which i has join few contest before. i wish this lucky day happen again on me...haha..i like NUFFNANG

(my upload photo)

i like this photo much,as this is not my own captured from one of my partner at SEKINCHAN , SELANGOR on once visit to my friend's hometown. it was an incredible photo angle and the color mood match with all kind of mood , make this photo is so meaning to me with the implicit word. thank again BBF.

he earth has warn us by all kind of disaster ,
meaning human-being need to be aware that it not longer to safely to stay,
or else we human-being need protect well of this un-recyclable earth
exchange with the safely home.

from many year ago,our earth has been happen all kind of disaster warn us about
him "big Father"
are angry and mad. he not longer to breath with this bad atmosphere.
from now onward, i think our human being need to propitiate him "big Father" calm down.

remark : as we know, many of the real case - movie release to warn our human-being not to kill Earth anymore.

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