Tuesday 13 October 2009

Feel : lucky star

Golden Screen Cinema ' fan site

incoming one new message

Again in 11.30pm while me faint out to rush my assignment
lazy WORM warn me to have a break on FACEBOOK
once click-ing into FACEBOOK, first i saw was the one new message on Inbox there.
the message show

Congratulations! Invitation to "PANDORUM" Screening

First impression was shock,so lucky meh?

next is
You are invited to watch “PANDORUM” with a partner, in GSC Tropicana City on 17 Oct 2009 (Sat), 10.30am.

wah , i started suspect isn't a treat or a trick?
finally,i found out my name on the website. said the winner on what mini contest.
means i have winning the contest and get free invitation
i forget what contest i joining but sure is from GSC ' FAN PAGE from FACEBOOK.

i will verify this statement on this coming Saturday.

remark : I'm lucky?or just fate?


Photo can proof it


just bec from there,it really true statement as the email said.


1 comment:

  1. wohoo...this really a real award from GSC d...i juz bec from there to enjoy my movie PANDUROM..keke