Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Capitol Seafood 佳必多祖传海鲜小吃 @ Mount Austin, Johor Baru

Capitol Seafood 佳必多祖传海鲜小吃 @ Mount Austin, Johor Baru

Looking for light food during Friday night. Having heard that the famous "longkang siham" in Melaka has expanded its business in Johor Bahru, we decided to have a try despite we hate the traffic jam along Jalan Tebrau.

The menu is quite limited to shellfish and finger foods, such as clam (siham), lala, chicken wings, century eggs, rojak and some vegetables, may not be suitable if you require main course for dinner, but it definitely serves as a good choice for supper and finger snacks.

However, compared to the price and portion in Melaka, the dishes here are relatively more costly and smaller in portion.  

Other than the dishes in the menu, the shop also provides "lok lok" to enhance the varieties. Similar to other lok lok in Johor, the lok lok can be made by boiling it, deep fry it or even barbecue it at the patron's choice.

Boiled lady fingers with the special sauce.

Fruit Rojak

Grilled chicken wings

Address : Capitol Seafood 佳必多祖传海鲜小吃
22-G, Jalan Austin Heights 8/4, 
Taman Mount Austin
81100 Johor Baru

GPS :  N 1 33.887   E 103 46.608

(Same row with Ho Ho Steamboat)

Bussiness Hour : 6pm - 1am (Monday off)

Tel : 018-395 1161 /  019- 727 9793 /  012 - 712 7792


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