Wednesday 25 January 2017

Stulang Laut Kuey Tiao Kia 三楼粿条仔 @ Taman Stulang, Johor Baru

Stulang Laut Kuey Tiao Kia 三楼粿条仔 @ Taman Stulang, Johor Baru

In the vicinity of the famous Woon Kiang Kuey Teow Kia, there is another stall at the side selling kuey teow kia as well. The stall is commonly known by the regular patrons as San Lou Kuey Teow Kia. Although it does not operate from a proper shop, the business remains good. 

The stall has a very simple set up. There are two stalls under the same roof, the one right at the entrance is selling laksa, and walk a bit further you can see the kuey teow kia stall. For convenience sake, there are some limited parking space just outside of the stalls. 

During dinner hours, the stall is packed with people. We queued up to order our food.

Some of the dishes are displayed at the stall and the patrons can make their choice by pointing to the "spare parts" that you wish to have. To kill the waiting time, you may also take some of their side dishes (which are ready foods) from the table next to the order counter. The side dishes include meat balls, sausages, spring rolls and other fried stuffs. 

I found their dishes not too salty and the taste being quite consistent during our few visits. The herbal soup (the base of the kuey teow) is darker in colour but not very clingy to the kuey teow, maybe this is the reason why it does not taste overly salty compared to some of the kuey teow kia shops.

Overall, we had a pleasant dinner here although the portion was rather small. Feeling not contented with the main course, we actually took the side dishes again! 

Address : Stulang Laut Kuey Tiao Kia 三楼粿条仔
Jalan Stulang Darat, 
Taman Stulang, 80300 Johor Bahru
GPS : N1 28.316  E103 46.645

Business Hour : 5pm - 11pm (Close on Monday)

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