Wednesday 21 September 2016

Japan Street @ Johor Baru City Square, JB

Japan Street @ Johor Baru City Square, JB

City Square has been putting in effort to enhance the variety of food within the mall. The rooftop dining area at level 6 of the mall has definitely created new dining experience to the patrons. Other than the food court for local delights, City Square has recently brought in Japanese element into the rooftop dining area. The Japanese Street is located right next to the food court.  

Applying the concept from the food court, patrons who would like to dine in in the Japanese Street have to first purchase a cash card and top up with the amount sufficient for their meals. Then, go to your desired stall and start ordering the food that you want. There are approximately 7-8 stalls along the Japanese Street, offering different types of Japanese cuisine, e.g. sushi, bento, teppanyaki and ramen. If there is any balance left in the cash card after the meal, it can still be redeemed. 

After placing the order, the stall will give you a electronic device, the function of which is similar to the UFO device in most of the Taiwanese dessert shops. However, this is more interesting with a screen that we can watch a short video while waiting for our meals to be served. 

Bibimbap  RM12+ 
Haha, it is odd to order Korean cuisine in Japan Street, but it isn't a bad idea to have something different within the street, so everybody's craving could be easily satisfied. Out of our expectation, the Bibimbap actually tasted not bad. It is definitely a healthy choice with various of sliced vegetables placed on top. The meal is also served with a miso soup.
Kyoto Tokumori Sakiga Ramen RM29.50+
There is a ramen specialty stall in the Japan Street, which sells authentic Japanese ramen. They serve both pork and chicken ramen, and we chose for chicken ramen this round. The chashu is made from chicken, but the taste was not defeated by pork chashu. Judging from the colour and thickness of the broth, it is not hard to understand why the broth tasted so good, it has absorbed all the natural sweetness from the pork bones and ribs. And, it is generous to have two onsen tamago within a bowl!

The springy ramen.

A panaroma view of the Japan Street, as you can see, although Japan Street is operated in hawker concept, the overall environment is still very cosy with the wooden furniture and warm lighting.

Address : Japan Street
JB City Square
108, Jalan Wong Ah Fook, 
80000 Johor Bahru, Malaysia
(6th Storey)

Business Hour : 10am - 10pm

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