Wednesday 6 May 2015

George and Dragon Cafe @ Johor Premium Outlet

George and Dragon Cafe @ Johor Premium Outlet

George & Dragon is a symbol of fine western dining in Johor Bahru since early days and it maintains the quality of foods and its good reputation until today. The old English style restaurant has long been established in Johor Bahru, started its base in Taman Tasek. Today, George & Dragon has extended its business with opening of its second branch in Johor Premium Outlets.

At Johor Premium Outlets, alongside branded boutiques from luxury retailers, George & Dragon offers a relaxed dining experience where you can take a well-earned break from a day's shopping. Carrying the spirit and the uniqueness of its headquarter in Taman Tasek, George & Dragon in Johor Premium Outlets also offers fresh and authentic British cuisine, including fish and chips, grilled steaks, great coffee, wines, beers and traditional homemade desserts.
Homecooked Mushroom Soup
Abalone and button mushroom soup, served with one slices garlic bread. The soup is smooth and it credited to the well balance between the various wild mushroom and cream.
A glass of iced Cappucino is definitely a good choice during the hot and sunny afternoon.
Fresh Mushroom Chicken
Fresh marinated chicken seared on a hot char-grill served with a fresh mushroom sauce together with fresh vegetables and fried potato wedges.
Pan Seared Fish with Orange Butter Sauce  
This is the signature dish of George & Dragon. A fillet of fish pan seared and dressed with Orange Butter Sauce and served with fresh vegetables and fried potato wedges. The orange butter dressing is interesting and refreshing with the fruity sweetness and fragrance. But the fish is slightly over-cooked, rendering the flesh a little bit dry and hard.

Address : George and Dragon Cafe
Suite 204, Johor Premium Outlets
Jalan Johor Premium Outlets
Indahpura 81000 Kulaijaya

Business Hour : 10am - 10pm
Tel: 07 590 9268

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