Wednesday 2 July 2014

Dragon - I 笼的传人 @ Johor Bharu City Square, JB

Dragon - I 笼的传人 @ Johor Bharu City Square, JB

Dragon-I is not new to those in Klang Valley, but is only one and a half years old in City Square, Johor Bahru. In the absence of competition with Ding Tai Feng and Crystal Jade in Johor Bahru, Dragon-I is seen as the apple of shang hai dim sum's lovers' eyes. The opening of Dragon-I in City Square definitely fill the gap of Shang Hai dishes and dim sum cuisine in Johor Bahru. It has really attracted the crowded during the first few months of opening, it was "trendy" to queue up for Dragon-I but the passionate of having siew long bao continues until today. 
Shanghainese Steamed Meat Dumplings  上海小笼包  RM9.80
Siew Long Bao is a must in a Shanghai Restaurant. The taste is not too bad, but Ding Tai Fung's siew long bao still ranks as number-one in my list.
Braised Beancurd with Minced Meat
and Chili Sauce in Szechuan Style
 四川麻婆豆腐  RM18
Szechuan style braised beancurd is served in claypot. The thick and sticky gravy coats every single piece of beancurd, rendering the plain beancurd flavourful. The minced meat also make the dish abundant with additional sweetness and different biting textures. With a small spoon of the gravy, it can go with a big bowl of rice!  
Sauteed Fresh Kailan with Minced Garlic 蒜茸芥兰  RM18
Braised Chicken in Taiwanese Style  台湾三杯鸡  RM20
The dish is named as three-cups-chicken in mandarin, which is seasoned by rice wine, light soy sauce and sesame oil in the ratio of 1:1:1. The chicken cubes are sautéed with onions and different colours capsicum, makes the dishes more appetizing with the colourful presentation. The seasoning is just right to my taste, not too salty with a hint of chinese rice wine.  
Stewed Sliced Fish with Preserved Vegetable in
Szechuan Style 四川酸菜鱼片  RM28
Stewed Sliced Fish looks good from the menu, but the taste was only of average and below my expectation. The fish was plain and the dried chilies did not really perform its role.  
Stewed Egg Plant with Minced Pork in Casserole
鱼香茄子肉松煲  RM18
Last but not least, another vegetable on the dining table, which is slightly heavy in flavour. Egg Plants are stewed with salted fish, minced pork and needles mushroom. The egg plants are slightly fried to maintain its beautiful purple and looks more attractive.  

The portion of the dishes are quite decent to cater 4-5 people with a reasonable price, considering the good and comfortable environment for family dining. 

地址 : Dragon - I 笼的传人
Lot 33-36, Level 3, Johor Bharu City Square
(Off Tower) 106 - 108 Jalan Wong Ah Fook,
Johor Bahru
GPS : N1 27.670 E103 45.849

营业时间 : 11.30am - 9.30pm
Tel : 07 - 2221288

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  1. Always loved Dragon-I's Siao Long Pao. One of the best around