Wednesday 14 May 2014

Menu Please Bistro @ Taman Maju Jaya, Johor Bahru

Menu Please Bistro @ Taman Maju Jaya, Johor Bahru

Recently, many of this type cafe are mushrooming around the town. This is one of the famous among all. This cafe is located at the heart of city which is convenient for motorist. Menu Please is located at Taman Maju Jaya, the famous newspaper street. Menu Please bistro distinguished itself from a row of old shop houses by having modern exterior design. 

The dim but warm lighting in the Bistro, the simple but creative decoration on the wall are believed to be the owner's artwork. I especially like the clock made by the cake tray, fork and spoon, it is so interesting.
Peach Tea 桃子茶 / Passion Fruit Tea 百香果茶  RM6.80
Cold Fruit Tea are our choice, with peach and passion fruit flavour respectively. The drinks are not too sweet with a light fragrance of tea. The fruity flavour adds a refreshing element to the drink.
Sesame Duck Salad 芝麻熏鸭沙律  RM9.80
We ordered the sesame duck salad as appetizer, comprising sliced smoked duck, cucumber, carrot, lettuce and surprisingly--tangerine, rendering the western styled salad infused with oriental flavour. The smoked duck is slightly salty, but well-balanced with the variety of raw vegetables. The dressing itself is very unique too.
Tomato Soup  番茄汤  RM7.80

We ordered one tomato soup for sharing. It is served with two piece of garlic bread, buttered and pan-fried till golden-brown. The tomato is just appropriate to my liking, not too sweet. A little bit of sourish definitely opens up my appetite for the main course.
Spaghetti with Ham and Mushroom Pink Sauce  火腿蘑菇意大利面  RM15.80
We have chosen two dishes as main course. The first one is spaghetti with ham and mushroom pink sauce. The chef is very generous with the portion of cheese, making the spaghetti very cheesy and creamy. With crispy pieces of ham, it provides some different texture to the noodles. Mushroom is always my favourite to appear in spaghetti, so needless to say, I like this spaghetti.
Wasabi Prawn Pizza 芥末虾仁披萨  RM14.80
The name of the dish--Wasabi Prawn Pizza, itself is interesting. As a Japanese foods' lover, wasabi-flavoured pizza definitely make us curious about its taste. Various ingredients such as prawn and dried bonito are equally spread on the thin crust pizza, topped with wasabi-mayonnaise. The pizza is cut into 8 pieces, it sounds a lot and heavy, but it is so handy and we can actually finish it.

The spiritual ingredient of pizza-- cheese! Where else we can get this good pizza with such a reasonable price? I will definitely recommend Menu Please Bistro to all my readers and friends. Menu Please Bistro is normally not crowded, even though they serve good foods. Hence, if you are looking for a quiet place to enjoy your meal, Menu Please Bistro can be a good choice. It is really worth for my next visit.

AddressMenu Please Bistro
25, Jalan Maju ,
Taman Maju Jaya
80400 Johor Bahru
GPS : N 1 28.865 E 103 46.066

Business Hour : 11am - 10pm 
Closed on Monday

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