Wednesday 16 October 2013

Hatyai Roast Suckling Pig 合艾烧乳猪 @ Hatyai, Thailand

Hatyai Roast Suckling Pig 合艾烧乳猪 @ Hatyai, Thailand

Crossing over to the southern city of Thailand--Hatyai, the city is over crowded by tourists from Malaysia and Singapore during the festive season. As a famous tourism spot of Malaysian and Singaporean, many of the business owners actually can speak good and fluent mandarin, no difficulty in communicating at all. After dropping our luggage at The Regency Hotel, we walk out just a few steps to have our lunch at a non-halal restaurant which displays a whole rack of roasted suckling pigs.
The charcoal roasted suckling pig with its shiny golden colour. Looks interesting, right? Located at the centre of Hatyai town, the restaurant definitely has a good location and therefore good business. 
Started our meal with Som Tam Mamuang (Thai Green Mango Salad), comprising sweet sourish green mango, some red onion and cashew nut, super appetizing!
Specially requested for the white tom yam, which served in a charcoal hot pot. The soup is quite clear, but is sufficiently spicy and flavourful with various seafood and vegetables added into it. It was served piping hot with a cloud of steam which emits and emphasizes the fragrance of lime leave and lemongrass.
Kai lan with salted fish is a normal dish, but seasoned with salted fish make it taste good.
Half portion of suckling pig for our table, as the highlight of our lunch. The pig skin was extremely crunchy and crispy, with a thin layer of fat, it looks sinful but so tempting. After we had the pig skin, the rest of the suckling pig was taken back to the kitchen to be transformed into another excellent dish. The suckling pig was after that chopped into pieces and stir fried with onion and pepper, turn out to be very flavourful dish to pair with white rice. 
The pandan-flavoured bun was meant to be eaten together with the crispy pig skin and a special made sweet black sauce. A brand new combination and experience for me.
Stewed Japanese beancurd, home-cooked food which not too special to shout with, but definitely children's favourite.
Steamed kampong chicken was another meaty dish on table. The chicken is cooked just right with its silky smooth skin and tender meat. Fried garlic and simple soy sauce condiments added on top, while retain the true and original flavour of chicken, give appropriate flavouring to the chicken.

Due to our hungriness and the good food, all the dishes were 'sapu' by us! And now, we are energetic for shopping, eating, shopping, eating, shopping~ Welcome to the paradise of shopping and Thai food, sawadeekap~

Address Just opposite Lee Gardens Plaza (next to the Regency Hotel) 
Bussiness Hour : 11am - 8pm (local time)
Tel : 074-232369


  1. how much is the charcoal roasted suckling pig? if is cheap i sure wanna try! =D

    1. @henry I cant remember d, other pay for it.. hehe

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