Wednesday 7 August 2013

Water Works Laksa House 水塘路辣沙 @ Jalan Kolam Air, Johor Bharu

Water Works Laksa House 水塘路辣沙 @ Jalan Kolam Air, Johor Bharu

In order to get a bowl of succulent laksa in JB, this is the place where people usually looking towards. Its located identical on the middle of transfer road to west side of JB, it shall be easy to reach there without the help of devices. The laksa house is quite crowded during lunch hour, and only early birds can catch their infamous Laksa. Wonder how a good laksa looks like? Oh yeah, don't be surprised the Laksa in Johor does not look like Penang laksa at all, Laksa in Johor means Curry mee or nyonya Laksa.

Frankly to said that, the laksa price was not so friendly as I thought. For a small bowl of noodles, it costs me RM5, the serving portion is not really proportional with the price. Hopefully the good taste worth my money. 
Otak-Otak  乌达  RM0.75 per piece
Before our noodles was served, the waitress will firstly put some otak-otak on the table, it is optional and totally up to you to eat how many you want. Johor is quite famous with its otak-otak, the otak-otak here does not disappoint me either. The fish paste is very smooth and the ratio between fish paste and coconut is just right. Don't underestimate the spiciness of this small little thing, it can make you sweat madly.
Soup Noodles  清汤面  RM5
Besides the infamous curry mee, they actually also provide clear soup noodles. So to add variety, we ordered one bowl of soup noodles too. I am not too sure whether they make the fish cake themselves too, but the texture of the fish cake is quite different from the common one we got from market. I am quite impressed with the ingredients they used, not because of the quantity, but the quality, all are very fresh. I guess this is one of the reason the noodles overall taste good.
Curry Laksa  咖哩面  RM5
Come to the leading role, laksa, the light yellow gravy look so tempting and the thick curry was flavorful and full with coconut milk aroma.  Beside that, the dry beancurd was definitely the key for this laksa. A full spoon of noodles with a hot dip gravy was a great perfect match like no other. Delicious.

Address : W. W. Water Works Laksa House 水塘路辣沙
36-A, Jalan Kolam Air,
Taman Kolam Air Johor Bahru
GPS : N01 28.294'  E103 44.195'

Bussiness Hour : 8:30am to 3:00pm
(Closed Every 2 Wednesday)


  1. The clear soup looks a bit bland to me, wouldn't mind a bowl of curry laksa but penang assam laksa still rules for me :p

    1. @ken Curry Laksa was another alternative where difficulty to find asam laksa. ^.^

  2. Laksa looks rich and good. Not an otak-otak person but it sure looks good!

    1. @missy2 Curry Laksa always the great food for Johorian