Wednesday 5 June 2013

Permas Yong Taufu 美乐亞蓉釀豆腐 @ Bandar Baru Permas Jaya, JB

Yong Taufu @ Kedai Kopi Sin Yong 美乐亞蓉釀豆腐 @ Bandar Baru Permas Jaya, JB

Its had been a long time since my last Yong Taufu meal at Puchong last year. Have a walk in Popular bookshop, randomly pick up a book with recommendation of good foods and reputable restaurant around Johor. Sin Yong Yong Taufu, which is located at Permas Jaya is one of the recommendations. I call this trip as food culture discovery, because even though Yong Taufu can be found in everywhere of Malaysia, but the taste and the making method may be differ from each other, to suit the local liking. So I was here, to check out Johor-styled Yong Taufu.
Yong Taufu here looks not much difference, vegetable stuffed with fish paste or meat paste. The only unique part is that you can either a big bowl of Yong Taufu to go with rice, or add on Yong Taufu of your choice on noodles. So the steps are as follows:

1. Choose your noodles or rice, and tell the boss you want soup or dry version.
2. Choose your choice of Yong Taufu.
3. If you want your Yong Taufu to be fried, put it in plate, while if you want Yang Taufu to be boiled with
    soup, put it in a bowl.
4. Take your seat and wait your noodles and Yong Taufu to be served.
Various choices of Yong Taufu are displayed on the stall, besides Yong Tauhu, Sin Yong Kopitiam also very famous with their special dried meat (Bak Gua), we didn't try it anyway because it is quite pricey.
Every bowl of noodles is RM3.50 with extra charge of Yong Taufu RM0.80 per piece. Anyway, they are famous with dried hor fun. However, we didn't go for dried Hor Fun, instead, we had soup hor fun and dried mee.
This is the Yong Taufu I pick up for the dried noodles. The ordinary noodles will come with a bowl of soup and their fish balls (some says it is actually pork meat ball, but the texture tasted more like fish paste, I don't really mind what it is, as long as it tastes good). I like also the seaweed roll with fish paste, quite Japanese sushi-style of Yong Taufu, very creative indeed.
Dry Noodles 干捞面  RM3.50
Every ordinary bowl of noodles will also be topped with their special made fried fish cake (it looks like luncheon meat), a very thin piece while it is super crispy. It is good too if take the fried fish cake alone as snack.
Hor Fun 河粉汤  RM3.50
The soup version is come with fried fish cake and fish balls too. Not to forget a spoon of minced meat. The Yong Taufu were good, just the soup is of little bit tasteless. Overall, I still more prefer their dried version noodles, which is more flavourful and more opens up my appetite.

Perhaps will revisit the kopitiam for their famous bak gua in future? Hope their bak gua won't disappoint me.

Address : Permas Yong Taufu 美乐亞蓉釀豆腐
21, Jalan Permas 10,
Bandar Baru Permas Jaya,
81750 Johor Bahru
GPS : N01 29.826'  E103 48.932

Business Hour : 10am - 9pm
Tel : 07 - 3863858 / 016-07103722
FBPermas Yong Taufu 美乐亞蓉釀豆腐

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