Saturday 12 February 2011

Kim Wah Kopitiam @ Senai , Johor

Kim Wah Kopitiam 金华茶餐室
Senai , Johor
There have stall selling all kind of pastry and quite delicious too. but this is a little expensive lor.
Look at the variety choices
Currypuff, Ang Gu Kueh, Crispy prawn cake.

Address : Kim Wah Kopitiam
Senai Main Street.
Opposite of Senai Bus Station and right of pedestrian bridge.
GPS : N01 27.411' E103 45.63'

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  1. Ang Gu Kueh - this is how I eat it - throw away the skin and only eat the filling.

  2. @nava wah.. this really the new thing i heard about it. why not just eat with the skin? should be nicer, eat with skin