Monday 31 August 2009

Bukit Tinggi and Bentong


first station,here the japanese village have alot flower, tree , pool...there the houses is really rural..nice for retire life for can shoot alot of nice photo...suitable place for pro photographer.

second station , france village....i juz wonder in this such tropical place have some how so similiar place to france...the building are vri unique and found out some of it are used as the nice if can stay here with oli pay for little...not nid fly ovesea to france to enjoy all of tis...

inside there,has alot of cute cute rabbit run here run thr around of you...also that, i accidentaly capture a cute gal oso..she playing wif rabbit..both of it rely cute cute...haha..

horse stable,i was first time so close to the horse d...the horse are rely tall and big size den me expected..keke..juz wonder,many of the people din c horse so closer after hearing some visitor opinion.


having my lunch on place call so - BENTONG

enjoy my meal thr...there was a small town oli..but i saw much much restaurant on tat town...
vri sad is when me reach thr aroung 3pm d...all shop are close...not much food for me to choose...haha..i juz go in which d shop full of people oli...(means tat the food thr not bad = many people)

remark : nice place nice to go...

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